Waterproof Car Covers

Bondtech Lite Waterproof Car Cover – this extremely effective and potent waterproof car cover is actually made from high-quality material for enhanced output and increased durability. It is considered to be very soft, non-abrasive and has double layer lightweight fabric that can be very useful to users. This waterproof car cover is extremely water-resistant, and extremely breathable for snowy and wet weather. This added feature is the single biggest advantage that uses can obtain from this car cover without any doubt. It has been incorporated with double stitching that imparts utmost potency to this car cover in the most effective technique. On the other hand, this car cover can be the perfect choice in order to avoid mildew, fungus and other types of bacteria.

Xtrabond Waterproof Car Cover – this car cover involves 100% waterproof material for very damp or snowy weather. On the other hand, this car cover can be easily used for trucks, SUV and other big vehicles as well. The overall quality of the fabric is also of the highest quality and is completely resistant to mildew, fungus and other types of bacteria. In this way, you can easily protect your car from unwanted fungus and mildew. It is also been incorporated with effective ultrasonic welding mechanism and that means, it does not involve stitching. This car cover will certainly maintain the internal temperature of your car in the most ideal manner. You don’t have to worry about temperature extremes as well. It also has elastic hems and reinforced side grommets.

Silvertech Car Cover – this is a specially designed 3 layer woven waterproof car cover that has effective aluminium powder along with concealed polyurethane coating. This mixture can be very useful in enhancing the overall effectiveness and strength of this car cover. The car cover will certainly protect your car from harmful UV rays, dust, pollution and mildew. It has been fitted with effective mirror pockets for custom-made finish. Original X-kind air vents permits air to flow beneath the cover, assists to avoid heat build-up & protects your car from not permitting billowing in extreme winds. Users can easily wash silvertech car cover as per their requirement anytime without devoting too much time and effort. Driver-side zipper permits simple access to the car without removing the entire cover.

Softbond Waterproof Car Cover – this fabulous waterproof car cover is been fitted with supple cushioning breathable coating that would safeguard your car’s paint in the most fabulous manner. This supple cushioning breathable coating is very effective as it is very resistant to water even during extreme rains. It is also resistant to fungus, mildew and other types of bacteria. On the other hand, it is been incorporated with UV stable material that can be of great help to users. You can also obtain a handy bag along with the purchase of this car cover. The car cover also includes several other accessories like cable lock kit and extra zippers. It can be the best possible car cover for your car needs.

Prestige Car Cover – this car cover is specifically devised for the car lover. It is made from soft 5 layered material that is fleeced lined to safeguard fine car appearances. It is extremely water-resistant and breathable as well. This feature can be very advantageous for users as it would protect their cars from any type of fungus, mildew or moisture. The overall fabric that is utilized in the making of this car cover is very durable and it will certainly not leak as well. The clever incorporation of ultrasonic welding seals can be very useful for users. It is also been incorporated with original UV Stabilizer that is utilized to guarantee an extended life.



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    Water proof car covers are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your car protected when not in use.

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